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Stupid Engineers ... m(_ _!!)m [for everybody]

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default Stupid Engineers ... m(_ _!!)m [for everybody]

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:54 am

Hello everybody! I apologize for the late or non-existent replies, but life and school are just catching me off guard by the day, in particularly school, they seemed to have realized that they hadn't given us shit for a while, so ... hey why not ... lets give them so much stuff to do, they they most likely don't even know how to ... plus, who cares about the other classes ... each one of them in this freaking engineering school think they are the supreme ruler of the school, thus all the other subjects are close to no importance .... but I digress ...

I will try and reply as most threads as possible, but I might not be able to chat as much I would like, if not at all plus fic writing duty, I have been slacking on that as well and it is not right (^_^!!) *sighs*

So please, I hope you'll understand, I hope to get myself relatively free soon!
Love you all, thanks for taking the time to read. m(_ _)m


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default Re: Stupid Engineers ... m(_ _!!)m [for everybody]

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:57 am




^3^ Love ya babe <3


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default Re: Stupid Engineers ... m(_ _!!)m [for everybody]

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:57 pm

I remember I had classes like that. they lock the door at exactly time to start, then hold you late irregardless of the fact you have to run across campus to make your next class -- whose professor ALSO likes to lock the door and you only have 10minutes between classes and the buildings are at least half a mile apart (or it seems like that). And I was like "sorry but sociology does not take precedence over anatomy (which was in my major)" so I ended up leaving the one class at the scheduled time irregardless - over his protests. I told him to take it up with my dean. But I didn't want to be locked out of my other class because he long winded.

I feel for you. but hopefully you'll get through it. and hopefully you won't get one of those professors who talks to the chalkboard, and writes with one hand while erasing with the other -- and only way you can take notes is to sit to the side, write really fast and record the lecture. ( had one of them too -- for anatomy -- the class average for one of his exams was a 56% it was brutal, but then he was an MD, PhD, and teaching freshman anatomy... and treated us like we were seniors or something)

good luck. get plenty of rest.


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default Re: Stupid Engineers ... m(_ _!!)m [for everybody]

Post by Sponsored content

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