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Watashi ha Piyo desu!

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default Watashi ha Piyo desu!

Post by Piyo on Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:46 pm


Name: Ame (雨)

Gender: Female

Marital Status: In a relationship


Instant Messanger(s): amemajiriuta (Yahoo)

What color is your underwear?: Black

Something else: I speak basic Japanese

Your muse

Real Name: Shinji Kato (加藤 信字)

Alias: Piyo

Band: Gakidou (Former member / Deceased)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Uke (Bottom)

Appearance: https://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=100001224893798&aid=25344#!/photo.php?fbid=159205530796942&set=a.114238325293663.25344.100001224893798

Piyo is fairly short, and very thin, too thin if one asks his agent. He has thick hair he enjoys dying a deep iron-grey, with a black patch across the front that forms his bands. He had dark brown eyes naturally, but he’s been known to slap in a pair of contacts if he feels like it.

He has a tongue ring, but no other piercings. He has a tattoo on his right side of a Sakura tree in bloom. He’s healthy, leanly muscular, though he sometimes hides it beneath his clothes. He prefers tight jeans and baggy, solid-colored t-shirts. He’s a man of simple tastes, and he’s usually never seen without a book in his hands.

Personality: Piyo is a writer, and with that comes a certain amount of…quirkiness. He’s a shy person, and he’s only really talkative when it comes to his work. He doesn’t have many friends, although he likes his tattoo artist, Masahara Yuu. When he moved to the city, Yuu became his first and only real friend.

Piyo lives in a nice apartment, nearly a condo, and his rent is paid far in advance. He saves his money, and lives as frugally as he can comfortably. He loves a neat apartment, and he likes to keep it that way. Parties and social events, of any kind, seem to baffle him. He’s more of a home body than anything. Piyo likes to read, to watch movies, and keep a low profile. He’s not always recognized, because he’s rarely in the press, despite his books being immensely popular best sellers, both the English and Japanese ones. He has even written some of his books bi-lingually, to help Japanese students practice English.

Likes: Computers, Books, His phone, Lemon-flavored things, His bed

Dislikes: Coffee, Sudden or Loud noises, Parties, Crowds

Strength: Believes in himself and is self-relient

Weakness: Doesn’t do well in large groups of people

Friends/family/lovers: Masahara Yuu (Best Friend)

Other companions: Fans?

Character history: Shinji moved to the city after his very first book sold 1 million copies. At nineteen, that was a rare achievement. He went on to write five more books, all of which sold well. Shinji now lives very comfortably, though it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve. He cut himself off from his family, who seemed interested in a cut of his profits, and devoted himself solely to his work.

After his third book became and international best-seller, Shinji upscaled and got a nicer place. He still lives there, quietly typing away on a sleek American HP laptop, and sipping tea, pushing his glasses up his nose when they fall. He’s had a few lovers over the years, but they don’t really seem to stick around. Shinji wants to find someone, but he’s not a social person, and his quiet lifestyle seems to inhibit him from finding anything real, or lasting. Instead, he goes to signings and writing workshops, hangs out with a handful of writers he knows, and tries to figure it out one day at a time.

Role play Sample: Shinji ‘Piyo’ Kato stared at the stack of male, and cocked his head. He chewed his lip, and flipped through for his payment notice. He looked at the amount, and smiled. “Good.” He had enough money to take it easy for a few weeks, before the last six chapters of the new book were done. Ever since “Dekinai” came out when he was nineteen, he had been writing. It seemed to be what suited him. He looked at the cover of his first book, sitting on his bookshelf, and he smiled.

Shaking his head, Piyo went into his kitchen and started boiling water for some hot ramen. It wasn’t the same as the real stuff, but instant would do for now. It was too cold to go out, anyways, and he felt less than motivated to do anything. He stretched, and got a bowl down from the cabinet, thinking back to the last boyfriend he’d had. They’d had sex, right where he was standing. He sighed, and tried to remember that feeling. “I don’t miss him,” he told himself, hugging his grey sweater to his belly. “I just miss not being alone all the time…”

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default Re: Watashi ha Piyo desu!

Post by Hiroto on Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:14 pm

:D accepted

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