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Hizaki's Application

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default Hizaki's Application

Post by Hizaki on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:35 pm


Name: Ame (雨)

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Spoken for

Email/Website: amemajiriuta@yahoo.com

Instant Messanger(s): amemajiriuta (Yahoo)

What color is your underwear?: Black

Something else: I speak basic Japanese and I read…that’s about it @@

Your muse

Name: Kiriko Tanaka (田中切子) (His first name is a girl’s name)

Alias: Hizaki

Band: Versailles Philharmonic

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Uke / Bottom

Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/2110481

Hizaki is a fairly tall, very thin man. He’s dainty and effeminate, with small shoulders, narrow ribs, and a curvy waist. That’s what got him into the fashion industry. His doll-soft features and his big chocolate eyes won him numerous contracts, and numerous admirers. He’s pale and has no scars or flaws, thus requiring little makeup.
His long blonde hair tends to lean more towards copper, though highlights and styling can make it seem lighter or darker, if it’s up or down.

Hizaki prefers to model women’s clothing, and the trait tends to follow him home. He wears women’s jeans, and often women’s t-shirts, or juniors sizes. He’s so thin and tall that he often buys clothes from overseas. He likes designer brands, but anything comfortable and pretty catches his interest. He has a certain fetish for Chanel.

Personality: Hizaki is a polite person, and doesn’t like to have people mad at him. Soft-spoken and quiet, he doesn’t draw much attention to himself with his voice. He doesn’t often say a lot, but he can get into a conversation if he’s interested in the topic, or who he’s speaking to. He enjoys talking to photographers and other models, and even the occasional clothing designer. He had a few friends in the industry, and he likes to spend time with them.

He’s happy by nature, and very in charge of his life. He’s self-sufficient and takes care of many things that could be left to staffers. This has given him a reputation as a “model” model, and he doesn’t ask for much more than payment and a provided lunch. He’s a bit snobby with food, preferring well-made things, and some items that are expensive. He uses his money to treat himself, but it’s a spendthrift. He chooses his luxuries carefully, and looks for a good price.

Likes: Good food, Elegant dresses, Silk, Taffeta, Butterflies, Books

Dislikes: Calico fabric, Men’s jeans, Fast food

Strength: Is a kind and strong person

Weakness: He has a weak heart, medically, and tries to keep it hidden

Friends/family/lovers: No family, few friends

Other companions: Staffers, Photographers, Designers

Character history: Hizaki started modeling at a young age, and it became pretty clear he wasn’t destined for male clothing. He went to an exhibition in Kyoto, and fell in love with the Lolita and Elegant Gothic clothing. He became involved and was soon pretty involved in the scene. He hasn’t designed anything yet, but he certainly wants to. He began modeling for various Japanese and European magazines, and enjoyed all of the attention enough that he built a career on it.

He moved closer to the studious, and began writing short reviews of different designers, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. He became involved with Bleeding Crown, a small designer that is now booming, using Hizaki as their poster ‘girl’. He is on the cover of many magazines now, wearing the new designs. He’s proud of the achievement, and he loves the clothes, the job, and the people. He’s finally achieved his goals. Or so he thinks.

Role play Sample: Hizaki took a deep breath, and sucked in. The attendant had him holding onto a door frame as she slowly loosed the laces of the corset. Hizaki was a little sweaty, and he felt somewhat faint. How tightly had they been tied, anyways? He took a slow breath, and held it as she kept taking them out. She wiggled them, making his body sway, and the wall swirl in front of his eyes. “Hizaki-kun? Are you okay?” He nodded, sighing. “I’m just tired and the lights were hot. I should have eaten something.” She nodded, and tugged the rest of the laces loose, before pulling it off. Hizaki sat down in the rich purple taffeta skirt, and the soft white under-dress. He laid sideways in the chair, the skirts tickling and teasing his skin as he let the attendant, Hana, gently lay a wet rag against first one cheek, then the other. “Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” He smiled, and squeezed her little wrist.
“Of course I will. I’m just not used to this kind of corset, and I’m a little hungry. That’s all. Please, don’t fret. Go and get done so you can go home.” He shooed her, and she reluctantly left him. He laid his head back, not caring if his curls were messed up now that the shoot was over. He caught his breath, and let his body relax. He closed his eyes for a few minutes, and then rose to go and get some something to eat from the catering tray.

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default Re: Hizaki's Application

Post by Hiroto on Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:49 pm

NICE accepted

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Hizaki's Application Hiroto-1

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