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Yasu Application

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default Yasu Application

Post by Yasu on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:45 pm

Name: Hikaru
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Not married...yet...
Email: asattehikaru@yahoo.com
IM: asettehikaru (yahoo)
My underwear are yellow with pink and white horizontal stripes
Something else: Umm...I'm learning Japanese, but whether I can actually speak or not is another matter!

My Muse:
Name: Yasunori Hayashi
Alias: Yasu
Band: Acid Black Cherry
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sexuality: Anything goes!
Sexual Position: Seke (both)
Appearance: Okay! Let's start with tattoos: he has a black cat tattooed on his right thigh. He has red hair and chocolate brown eyes. He's thin but well toned. He's not buff, but he has a good amount of muscle on his lean frame. As for his clothes, he's usually in a causal style with mostly black, occasionally grey or white, and his favorite leather jacket.
pic: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=159749220742573&set=a.114238325293663.25344.100001224893798

Personality: Yasu is a sweet man who loves life. He can be spazzy and airheaded when left to himself too much. He loves music and dancing, his passion and heart lying in both. He loves people and tries to help them as much as he can, but sometimes he's wrapped up in his work so tightly that he forgets about some of the people he's supposed to be caring for. He's sentimental and remembers all the little things someone does for him and tries to return the favor.
He loves animals and can not enter the animal shelter without crying. He has his moments of softness, like when he sees someone who is in need, but he's also very firm, escpecially when it comes to work. His dancing is his life and he will never accept anything but the best from his self and the people he works with. Everyone who is in his life is there for a reason and he cherishes every single one of them.
Likes/Dislikes: He LOVES cats. There is nothing that can move him more than a cute little kitten. He HATES, however, laziness. If you cannot give your best effort at work, then you have no business playing.
Strength: He is a fantastic dancer and he takes care of his health.
Weakness: Cute furry things and people in need.
Friends/family/lovers: No human relatives or friends or lovers, but he has a black cat and he considers her his daughter. Her name is Tsuki.
Other copmanions: His fellow dancers and choreographers he works with.
Character histroy: Yasu grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo with his parents until he was 17. His mother instilled in him a love of music and helped him harbor his love of dance. His father was opposed to his dancing career at first, until his wife convinced him it was a good creative outlet and would teach him hard work principles. He consented and supported his son's dancing while pushing him to head in the direction of an office job once he out grew his dancing phase. When Yasu was 17, his parents were involved in a fatal car crash and Yasu rushed to the hospital, only to find his father had passed and his mother only had minutes left. He rushed to her side and held her hand as she made him promise to continue dancing. Girpping his hand tightly, she said, "When you dance I see your true heart. They way you give yourself so completely to the music, your love to the rhythm. Never give anything less than yourself to this passionate, loving side of who you are."
After the funeral, he went to live with a distant relative in the country and put away his love of dancing while he grieved. When he turned twenty, his uncle sent him away, telling him he had to live on his own. So Yasu made his way to the city, trying to decide what to do with himself, when he happened upon information of a dance school. He had found his love again. He worked three jobs, supporting himself and tucking money aside, until he had enough to go to the dance academy. He applied and was accepted only after he had proved through an audition that he in fact could dance. He worked hard in training and his two jobs to keep himself going. Eventually, his hard work paid off and he found himself an accomplished dancer with friends in high places. He is currently a dancer/choreographer who teaches hip-hop at his old dance academy.
The sun was setting slowly in the western sky, giving Tokyo a suspended feeling of surrealness. It was the hour as those who lived during the day retired and the people who loved the night readied themselves for a night of lively action and entertainment. Smiling, Yasunori unlocked the door to his small, one bedroom apartment and entered the dark room. The walls were stained pink from the sun's retreating rays and shadows stretched lazily across the floor. He pulled his shoes off then hung his leather jacket, stretching before a shadow moved to wind around his legs. A chuckle erupted from his throat as he knelt down and picked up his precious daughter.
She mewed softly as she purred and cleaned his face, making him smile. "And how was your day Tsuki?" She moewed brightly and placed her paws against his cheeks, her large yellow eyes examining him. "Don't worry honey, I didn't overwork myself today. How about some salmon for dinner? I still have my leftovers from the party." She meowed happily and pulled herself up onto his shoulder, her favorite perch. He shook his head slightly as he stood and made his way to the kitchen, happy to be home.
Tsuki jumped onto the counter and watched Yasu as he made dinner, humming happily to an invisible tune. He set out their places at the table, Tsuki having her own bowl and drinking cup beside him. She knew when he was done, jumping down and taking her place on the table. He brought their dinner and sat down, looking at the picture of his parents set on the other side of the table. "Hi Mom, Dad. I have some exciting news. I was approached for an job today. It's good money and the kind of music I think both of you would scoff at, especially you Dad." He chuckled and reached out to pet Tsuki while she ate. "I think I'm gonna take it. It'll help establish my reputation." He sat in silence for a moment, looking down at his plate as tears formed in his eyes. "It's been ten years, but I...I still miss you. No one played the piano like you Mom. No one knew how to make me try my hardest like you did Dad." A single tear fell along his cheek, causing Tsuki to pause and look at him. "I wish you could be here."
Tsuki abandoned her dinner and went to him, rubbing against him, purring softly, wanting to comfort him. He ran his hand along her sleek body, rubbing away his tears and chuckling roughly. "Don't worry Tsuki. I'll be okay." He collected himself, taking a deep breath and releasing his sadness. "How about we have ice cream for desert?" Tsuki meowed and rubbed against him, making him laugh.

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default Re: Yasu Application

Post by Takeru on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:33 am

very nice accepted

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