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Masashi's aplication

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default Masashi's aplication

Post by Masashi on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:46 am

'Oh my juliet <3' (I nkow it had to be a heart...)(I forgot if it had to be above or beneath my post)

Name: Yomi Aino
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Email/Website: (I cannot yet post my e-mail) (this is different from what I used to sign myself up with because this is my 'public' email)
Instant Messanger(s): The same as the -mail I signed myself up with.
What color is your underwear?: All kinds of colors XD
Something else: (anything else we need to know about you?)

Your muse

Name: Masashi

Alias: None

Band: Versailles

Gender: Male

Age: (I don't know his actual age.) I'll play him with the age of 35

Sexuality: I will play him with the bisexual sexuality.

Sexual Position: I guess top.

Appearance: His eye color is brown but he usually wears dark reddish brown contact lenses. His hair is black and reaches to the middle of his back. Sometimes red strokes are mixed through this. He is not pretty large and his body isn't like you could blow it away easily. He looks pretty tough. He usually wears black (punk) clothing, a bit oversized maybe and his stage outfits are also mainly black but with a bit of red and/or gold.
Pics: (I cannot yet post links)

Personality: Masashi is not the quiet type but also won't just jump to sing in front of a crowd or something like that. He can be a bit silly and a bit blunt too. It's not that he's grumpy; it's just that he's a bit dark. He can be a bit stupid at times, because he acts before he thinks, which can result into funny moments. He can be a bit rag and a bit of a klutz. He'll do things like bumping his head against the microphone, even though he knows that it's standing there.

With his friends, he's an open and loving person but you'll have to reach through his 'upper layer' to feel this warmth that he can give. He's like a dark teddy bear of some kind, also because he's pretty big. He's not easily scared and has patience but when you really make him angry, he'll hit you. During conversations he mostly stays on the background, listening and then at once interfering with a stupid and/or useless comment.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes to play bass guitar, practice his skills and learn more. He likes to drink and get drunk with his friends but then dislikes it when something goes wrong because of him. Also, he dislikes people who not respect him or his friends and of course dislikes anyone who dislikes him. He loves to be dumb, just because he can make others laugh.

Strength: He's pretty big, so he's a good fighter. His bass guitar skills are of the charts and he's a good friend, a nice person to be with.

Weakness: He acts before he thinks and sometimes makes stupid mistakes. Also, he can forget important things quite easily. He sometimes underestimates others and overestimates himself.

Friends/family/lovers: His friends are of course, his band mates Teru, Hizaki, Kamijo and Yuki. His bass guitar teacher and friend was the deceased Jasmine You. He doesn't live with his parents anymore and has a few sisters but he doesn't really have contact with him. The only one he shares his house with is his cat. There are rumors that he is in love with his band mate Teru, though.

Other companions: Well, his cat.

Character history: He has always been the student of Jasmine You when it comes to playing bass guitar and he has toured with Versailles because of that. (Jasmine You was the bass guitar player of Versailles.) When Jasmine You dies, Masashi stepped up to play for Versailles and was given a warm welcome.

Previous to him taking Jasmine You's place, he was a bassist of Közi's solo rpoject. Why, well... Gackt (singer of Malice Mizer at that time) knew Kamijo (Singer of Lareine at that time and Gackt's roadie). They toured a lot and so, they started following each other’s solo work as well. At a time, Malice Mizer disbanded and their guitarist Közi started a solo project. He needed a bass player and, with a bit of a detour, Kamijo told him that Masashi wanted to play in a band. Masashi first was only a support bassist of Versailles when Jasmine You past away, but when Közi became less active, he joined Versailles.

Role play Sample: Masashi was walking through the empty streets at night. It was one o’clock in the morning, actually, but he didn't know and the time didn't bother him. He had been drinking with Yuki as he always did on Friday night, but this night was more special. It was been one year exactly since he last went out like this with his teacher and best friend Jasmine You. Somehow, Masashi felt sad, even though he knew that Jasmine You was in a better pace now. Drinking didn't help him forget about his sorrow, because Jasmine You would always be in his heart, even now. 'Gone but not forgotten.' Was something Kamijo always said about Jasmine You. 'He is not gone.' Is what Masashi had always answered 'He is still in our hearts.'

As Masashi walked past buildings that still had their lights on, he wondered if Hizaki would still be awake. Walking to his home, he would always walk past Hizaki's home and somehow he didn't feel like walking further. Could he crash at Hizaki's place tonight? "No." He thought to himself "Tomorrow is important. We'll have to practice a lot at Kamijo's place." He cursed as he then walked on.

(I sure hope I've written enough where necessary. also, forgive me if I've written something wrong. English is not my native language.)

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default Re: Masashi's aplication

Post by Hiroto on Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:31 am

Well hello hello!
This site has been in a lul for a while, but I have informed our Teru of your existence..
Anyways.. welcome to the forum. I hope your presence brings this place back to life. :D

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