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Hitt (me with your best shot)

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default Hitt (me with your best shot)

Post by Hitt on Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:32 pm

oh my juliet


Name: Yume

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single and looking

Email/Website: system won't let me post an email for 7 days

Instant Messanger(s): none

What color is your underwear?: black lace boyshorts

Something else: I do not RP with muses under 20, nor do I RP rape or heavy S&M. Light Bondage/Discipline yes, Dominance/submission yes. If you wish to play with my muse but your muse is listed as being under 20, then I'll consider it under an AU thread where your muse is of an appropriate age.

Your muse

Name: Hitt Kurotsume (RP only)

Alias: Hitt

Band: Solo

Gender: All male baby

Age: 30

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual Position: Seme, though he's never bottomed so I'm not sure if he would like that. Not opposed to experimenting though.

Appearance: HItt likes to wear jackets and his favorite colors are black white and silver so you'll often see him in one of those colors. He likes low-hung, slim cut pants and jeans and shiny belts. He's as comfortable in sneakers as zappos. He has several piercings in each ear and also sports a lip piercing. More often than not this is a simple stud but sometimes he'll wear a ring, the jewelry is always silver. He also has his right eyebrow pierced and also wears a small barbell piercing there, and rarely a ring. He has no tattoos. He likes to paint a small design in silver glitter just under the outside of right eye for effect and is a part of his normal make-up routine. He likes to wear smoky eyeshadow that he sometimes accents with silver or white. He also likes to wear red-tinted lipgloss. His hair is long but he tends to spike it wild. It's usually black but sometimes he will streak white or blue highlights in it. He has even bleached it all white, and has sported white with blue highlights. At this time though it's black with some white highlights.

I had some really great pictures but systems says that new users can't post external links or emails for 7 days. that sucks. I'll try to update my app later with lovely pics when it lets me

Personality: Hitt is a study in contrast. On the one hand he can be very vibrant and outgoing, he's a very laid back and accepting person. He's a people watcher. However, as an artist he can also get in a mood where he becomes withdrawn and shy. He experiences periods of Hikkimori and will just veg out at home never leaving the house except to eat or buy groceries for months at a time. He likes to play computer games and secretly writes steamy Yaoi fan-fiction about the artists he'd really like to get in bed with. That being said, he's been too shy to actually make a move on any of his peers. He's a solo artist so he doesn't even really get a chance to perform fan-service. It's one of the reason he likes it when he's booked for a festival, because he gets to meet and hang out with other musicians.

His reaction to meeting new people varies with the situation and the other person's attitude. If the other person is outgoing and Hitt feels the right vibe, he'll match their enthusiasm. If they are too hyper though, Hitt is more likely to react in a reserved way. If the other person is reserved or seems down, Hitt will often try to cheer them up or try to draw them out their shell a bit. This comes as a result of his own tendency to shut down, he likes it when someone cares enough about him to drag him out of his house and make him socialize again.

While Hitt is meticulous with his appearance, he's a bit of a slob at home. His dining room table is almost never cleaned off unless guests are coming over, until then it stays piled with junk mail and receipts. He hates doing dishes and yard work so a part of the money from his music goes to hire a maid to do the basics of housekeeping (mainly keeping the kitchen clean and santized) and he also pays someone to maintain his yard.

Hitt has a strong hair fetish, he loves people with long hair and loves playing with it, brushing it, styling it, washing it. But he also loves to have his own hair messed with, brushed, washed, and pulled. He really becomes somewhat of a pile of submissive horny goo if you mess with his hair the right way.

Likes/Dislikes: LOVES his piano, and his white ferret Tavi, he loves foreplay and long drawn-out sex. and he loves to have his hair messed with especially nice rough pulling during good sex.

Likes Dr. Pepper, Castillo Mocha Rum, the colors: black, silver and white, oral sex (giving and receiving) , hair pulling, wrist restraints, spanking, and sounding.

Dislikes: rude, crass people, drama queens, jealousy, cigarrettes, and dogs.

Strength: Pianist with over 150 compositions. easy to get along with once you get to know him. He's loyal to his friends and if he's a bit of a serial monogamist. He's had casual relationships but if he's actually in a serious dating kind of relationship then he's faithful.

Weakness: having his hair messed with and pulled. Tends toward hikikimori and can shut himself away from the world and his friends for months at a time unless he has a friend or lover willing to stay by him and keep him occupied.

Friends/family/lovers: He has a twin brother, Tsunike who's a mailman and who is very different from Hitt. His brother's hair is cut very short and he has no piercings, not even his ears. He dresses very conservatively when not in his work uniform. He's also very straight and gives his twin shit for liking men and for his makeup and hairstyles. When they are together they look so different from one another that you would hardly tell they are identical twins. For all that, though they still get along and as much as Tsunike might bitch, he has never once missed one of Hitt's concerts and he makes it a point to meet all of Hitt's lovers even if he doesn't agree with Hitt's sexuality.

Other companions: has a white ferret named Tavi . he also has a stalker fan who calls himself Klaha. Klaha is ... eager to say the least, He figured out where Hitt lives and sometimes will come over and mow his lawn or leave him gifts. He keeps begging to be Hitt's slave and even gave Hitt a collar and leash to apply but Hitt turned him down. For one thing he wasn't attracted to the guy at all, and he thought if he was going to have a slave he wanted it to be someone he chose and trained and collared himself not some wannabe. He's tried to take out a restraining order on the guy but the fool keeps ignoring it and seems fairly harmless so Hitt just basically tries to ignore him like some stray cat that tried to adopt him. He doesn't feed it but it still keeps leaving roadkill on his doorstep.

Character history: HItt was born an identical twin in the spring of the early 80's. He grew up listening to vizual-kei music and quickly fell in love with it. But when he got into school and had the option to play an instrument he found he didn't want to play what everyone else was playing (namely drums and guitars) so he chose piano. It quickly became a passion though he wanted to compose rock style music for the classical instrument. He was highly inspired by the band Malice Mizer , especially the song "Regret" with the solo by Gackt and Kami. It was then that he was certain he could and would play piano in a rock band.

Still, his brother was unlike him, and had no interest in music rather preferring sports and academics. They both graduated from high school, Hitt going off to pursue a degree in music and his brother intent on becoming a stock broker. Hitt's pursuit led to success, but Tsunike ended up getting involved in some insider trading and after only a year in the market lost his license to trade. He became very bitter about it, but actually likes his job as a postal worker, though it is a far cry from the salary he used to pull. Hitt has been successful though, and shares his wealth with his brother in form of lavish gifts and vacations his brother could not otherwise afford. Tsunike doesn't resent the gifts though, it isn't like Hitt is giving him money, he still has to maintain his own living expenses but he appreciates having access to the toys he couldn't otherwise afford.

Hitt's parents are somewhat open minded in that, they seemed to have accepted Hitt's homosexuality long before he did. It wasn't that Hitt ever acted especially gay, But they could tell that he was far happier and outgoing among his male friends than his female ones. And though he had dated some girls in highschool, it didn't really seem to make him happy. He avoided displays of affection and didn't seem comfortable at all if his girlfriend hugged him, especially in front of others. When Hitt was in college he had he first encounter with a boy, his first kiss and it was amazing. His whole body felt like it was on fire, and he felt as if that had been his first ever real kiss. He'd immediately called his brother and confessed "I kissed a guy and I fucking LOVED it" His brother gave him a little shit, but in the end, the whole family knew some day Hitt would discover men and then it wouldn't be that long till he came out of his already open closet.

His parents had had no set aspirations for their boys, simply saying they wanted them to be happy and financially secure no matter their chosen occupation. Hitts mother was a make-up artist for movies, specializing in sci-fi and horror and his father was a chef. His parents had met when his father's catering company catered for a movie upon which his mom had been working. They'd gotten married shortly after the premier of the movie.

Role play Sample: Hitt sat at his computer reading over what he had just written :
"Do you trust me, Ruki?" Confused Ruki, wrinkled his brow, uncertain where this was going. "um.. yeah... with my life" Taking that as consent to continue, Kyo quickly wrapped each wrist individually in a silk scarf, as tightly as his own grip had been. Not enough to impede circulation, but enough to be felt. Holding the scarves together he tied Ruki's wrists loosely together with a quick slip knot that could be undone in seconds if Ruki tugged hard enough on the tails that were within his reach.

Gripping Ruki's wrists once again, he told him "Kneel". Ruki still didn't understand what was happening, why his heart was racing so fast, why he was breathing so hard, why it felt so damn good to have his wrists tied like that. But then the command came to kneel, and his legs didn't even ask his brain for permission, they just collapsed. "Good" Kyo murmured. Calloused fingers carefully brushed the hair out of Ruki's eyes, and away from his left ear. Kyo knelt behind him, pressing his body into Kyo's, his hands on Ruki's waist to keep him from toppling forward. "Your safe word is NURSE. Use it and everything stops. Untie yourself and everything stops. You can of course say "no" or "stop" - but if I don't think that's what's best for you, then I'm not going to comply with your request. Tonight, you give up all control over to me. Control over what you want to do, where you go , when you eat, drink, piss, sleep or cum. And you have to trust that I'll make sure you have and get what you need. What you NEED Ruki, which isn't always what we think we WANT. I promise that I'll stop everything if your safe word leaves your lips. I promise that nothing we do tonight will be painful, or rather not intentionally painful. I know you're aching to get your release but you can't have it yet. It's not time, and that's a reward. I promise, that I'll take good care of you, the way you need to be. Are you ready and willing to play?"

He giggled at the tension in the story, liking where it was headed. It would be so much fun to play bondage with Ruki, or hell even Kyo - both men were sexy as hell and he loved their vocals. And Ruki with those gloves! Hitt thought he might just have to add shiny leather gloves to his list of fetishes. Tavi got up on his computer table and nosed the screen trying to catch the rapidly moving cursor. "Tavi-kun, stop it... why do you have to get in the way?" He scratched the ferret lovingly on his head and gently shoved him aside. He wanted to finish up this chapter and get it posted. He wondered if he was the only jrocker who read the steamy Yaoi shit their fans produced? He wondered if he was the only who was writing some of the steamy yaoi fanfiction? Wouldn't that just be too funny? It wouldn't surprise him in the least if Kyo was Cadkitten, even though he knew for certain that he was not since he had met cadkitten at a Dir en Grey concert. But still, he imagined that Kyo would write such dark stuff. But would Ruki write he wondered?


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default Re: Hitt (me with your best shot)

Post by Hiroto on Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:06 am

Great! accepted!

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