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Hitsugi app

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default Hitsugi app

Post by Hitsugi on Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:10 pm


Name: Take a guess

Gender: Female~

Marital Status: (just cuz)


Instant Messanger(s):

What color is your underwear?: Soon to be black

Something else: I have tons of muses

Your muse

Name: Ikari Mitsuo

Alias: Hitsugi, and he prefers to be called as such. Only a certain few can get away with calling him Neko boy.

Band: Nightmare

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Sexuality: Homo and doesnt care who knows.

Sexual Position: He's a small guy that likes to Top

Appearance: Hitsugi is a guy of many appearances. Black and red hair is what he sports at the moment. It comes to the nape of his neck and he likes to wear the bed head style alot. His eyes are a rich chocolate brown, but you would never know because he loves to wear cosmetic contacts. {Black demon eyes are his favorite}. Thick black eyeliner also lines those eyes which his partially where he gets the nickname 'neko boy' from. He's short, 5' 5 on his best days, often times gets told he has to be smaller than that. He has tons of facial piercings. Mostly around his lips. One actually going through the bottom lip while 5 others line neatly underneath it. There's a piercing between his eyes, eyebrow, tongue and 4 holes on each ear. He's not a slim guy, but he's still a light weight. He's got a somewhat stocky build, but none of its fat or flab. His chest and arms are slightly toned with natural muscle, nothing he's had to go to a gym for.. but the right amount of donuts could send that right to chunkyville.

Piccy 1
Hitsugi app Hitsug10

Piccy 2
Hitsugi app Hitsug11

Piccy 3
Hitsugi app Hitsug12

Personality: Hitsugi is a funny guy, though you could hardly tell through his emo exterior. He doesnt like to say much and he's kind of shy, which doesnt help when trying to get to know someone. He isnt what you would call sensitive though he doesnt have a heart of stone either. He's not much of an outgoing person, but when he does hit the streets he makes the best out of it. He laughs easily as well, so beware the high pitched cackle. Which is strange because when he talks, he speaks with the enthusiasm of a turtle when it sees food, but that instantly changes should he become excited.

Likes/Dislikes? piercings, body jewelry, black, hair dye, cats, dogs (( but adores the felines more which is the other reason for the nickname)) , strawberry ramune, sexually feisty ukes
Dislikes: pigeons, moths, People who are closed minded,

Strength: His ability to not show any emotion

Weakness: His ability to not show any emotion ; cats

Friends/Family/Lovers Only child. Has a mother, father, his cousin Takeru comes around often and no lovers so far. But there was someone before that he refuses to speak about.

Other Companions: A black/white cat named Mr. Popo (that happens to be a girl cat.. dont ask)) and a red kitten named, Dolly.

Character History:Hitsugi had your normal childhood. Growing up alone with his mom and dad, wishing he had a little brother or sister. The chance to have siblings never came about and so as Hitsugi grew older, he began to feel lonely and his teenage years were horrible.
He never bothered with girls, he knew they wouldn't like him because he wasnt tall and he gave off this rather plain look. He tried going through the different phases of being a teenager, but nothing helped and his self esteem began to grow lower with each passing day. Became suicidal at one point, even sliced his wrists. After being hospitalized, he came home and just pondered his existence.

Finally, while watching TV one day, there was a behind the scene show on and he saw how some of the monsters in certain movies get the kind of eyes that they have. This was the beginning of his contact obsession which quickly lead to the changing of his hair, the start of the piercings and his 'not really giving a shit' aura. I also should mention, because of his cousin's exploits, he has been working at a sex store for a while, selling porn, toys and whatever else could pop into a sexually experienced person's mind.

Roleplay Sample:
Today was a boring day. Hitsugi didnt mind boring. Boring meant there wasnt much for him to do and with not much to do, that meant having time to laugh at lots and lots of porn. Gathering a couple of discs he took from work, Hitsugi popped the DVD in without hesitation and nicely sat himself down on the couch.
"Lets see what you ass lickers have for me today?" He said, smiling as he pressed the play button.


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